Any age – use from birth

The perfect reflux wedge for newborns, as it fits under a cot/crib mattress, avoiding any contact with the baby while they sleep.

Any size sleeping device

The Wedgehog is designed to fit under any standard sleeping cot/crib mattress.

Helps manage many ailments

Elevating your child will help them cope with reflux, night coughs, earache, asthma, sleep apnea and respiratory conditions


Hi, I'm the Wedgehog and I am your baby’s new best friend!

I fit a standard cribs and cots perfectly and when placed under the mattress I raise the angle of your baby's sleeping area by 18 degrees to help them with their reflux, congestion and respiratory complaints.

Made from baby safe foam and easy to wipe clean the Wedgehog is a major factor when trying to combat reflux using positional management.

The Wedgehog is manufactured in the UK and meets all British and EU Safety Standards. Made and designed by babyREFLUX, the first company to specialise in baby reflux devices in the United Kingdom and now the largest supplier of reflux related products in Europe.

  • 100% UK made.
  • BS 7177 for flammability and BS 1877-10:2011 for safety and performance.
  • Comes in heat-sealed hygiene controlled bag.
  • LIVE support and guidance on using the wedge effectively.
  • Available in crib & carrycot, cot and cotbed size.