Behind the Wedgehog

The most important thing you need to know is:Joint Company Photo headshot

  1. We are parents of children who suffered with reflux, which means we can help you in so many ways.
  2. We have been supporting and counseling parents and carers of babies with reflux for over 8 years.
  3. Your baby deserves comfort, security and support from us and we deliver this through our products and through our community.
  4. We are babyREFLUX – the largest supplier of reflux related products in Europe. Last year babyREFLUX helped support over 42,000 parents and carers.

We don’t measure our success on sales or the number of visitors on our website. babyREFLUX stands for more than just a cot wedge – it has come to stand for a way of managing difficult times, integrity and spirit, courage, compassion and above all teamwork.

Your contact with babyREFLUX can mean:

  • Security in the knowing that we protect you by sourcing safe UK manufactured materials in our cot wedges.
  • That you no longer feel alone or desperate, while we are on the end of LIVE chat, email, social networks and blogs.
  • You can trust, in our 8 years of talking to families with infant reflux, we deliver information and guidance which is fresh and relevant.