Our Wedges are safe

When we first began developing cot wedges, there was only us and one other retailer from Belgium developing wedges for babies.

Our Wedges are safe.
Because our foams are UK made, they already comply by law to safety standards.
They conform to BS 7177 for flammability and BS 1877-10:2011 for safety and performance.
We use cellular flexible, white to off-white unpigmented combustion modified high resilience (CMHR) foams in our Wedgehogs.
Since 2007, more sellers and retailers have joined the market offering wedges for babies and children without the knowledge and experience of how they should be used. More importantly knowledge of safety standards in both composition materials and usage with a baby, is often lacking too.

We have seen a large volume of foams being imported and sold in the UK. These foams are made outside the UK and therefore do not meet UK and EU standards. They are cheap which makes them attractive, but do not meet the official safety standards, that we meet.

Some foam products can include chemicals which can cause irritation to the nose and throat and airways. These chemicals are:

methylene chloride
toluene diisocyanate
methyl chloroform
methylene diphenyl diisocyanate
propylene oxide
methyl ethyl ketone
methanol and toluene