About Julie – reflux journey

About Julie – reflux journey

Hi, I’m Julie – My beautiful little girl still suffers from silent reflux. She is going to have a camera into her throat and tummy to see what’s going on. This chills me to the bone as I, myself have had it a few times it’s not nice and she will be so scared – she has got to the point where all doctors scare her even when we just enter the room she now screams.

A few words to describe me; I’m a dedicated mother who loves her children so much, I would do anything for them. I am still feeling the effects of watching my baby suffer mostly at night, but also during day time naps. This still tears me apart inside and is a daily battle to get through. But the nights are worse. I have a very good career that I haven’t been able to return to yet, due to the need to be with my baby and her need for me to keep her safe.

Reflux is not to be under estimated, it is a horrible condition to see a baby suffer and not easy.

I have a good husband who supports us as much as he can but our relationship is definitely strained, to say the least.  The love is deep down so we are just trying to get through this best we can.

The pain and discomfort is indescribable I have very little rest keeping her upright all night long she sleeps with me every night to keep her safe. I try to do what ever it takes hoping that she will get better soon and this will feel like a dream well nightmare!!

Our little girl is now 14 months and still suffers every night of her young life. If there was any way to help anybody else going through what we; as a family; have suffered, I would be more than happy to try and help.  I am still waiting for the suffering to end and see real light at the end of this very long tunnel. Sometimes I see glimmers and looking back small improvements ,but yet in my mind she still has a long way to go before she is out of the dark. Also my precious little girl has cmpa and other allergies so she has the added troubles that that brings. But as I understand it they can be linked in lots of babies, although I realise not all have both.

All I can offer is any support and comfort for the person going through reflux with their baby. I that they are not on their own and offer my own experiences of what helped etc. I would never pass judgement. People say things like “why are you still bf?” and this doesn’t help that’s for sure!

if I can help in any way I am willing and if anyone can help me I am also willing. Support groups are fantastic to help you through those dark moments, so I’m all for them.


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