About Kitty – reflux journey

About Kitty – reflux journey

KittyHi, I am Kitty. I am a first time mum to a 13-and-a-half-month-old boy called Billy and I live in London. I have just started working again 3 days a week as a court transcriber and I work from home. I am married.

A bit about Billy’s reflux (not sure how to keep this brief!!):

The first few weeks were total hell with Billy screaming most of the time. To begin with they thought the problem was a tongue tie but after that was cut, nothing changed. Breast feeding was terrible with feeds lasting hours and hours with him screaming, arching his back and struggling to feed. Sometimes even after hours of feeding him he would still scream as if he was still hungry. I battled with the doctors with them patronising me and telling me “babies cry” and “he can’t have reflux, i saw him lying on his back on your knees”.

On the advice of the lactation consultant who cut his tongue tie I started researching into reflux and cow’s milk intolerance (his face erupted in terrible spots at about 2-3 weeks old when I stopped breast feeding and put him on formula). I got a great deal of help from Alison Scott Wright’s book as she has a whole chapter on reflux. She has helped me a huge amount along the way and I am not sure how I would have coped without her, to be honest. I asked to try Billy on Nutramagen and they reluctantly also put him on ranitidine, albeit the lowest dose. He changed to a different baby within a few days. That wasn’t the end of the road though, he would still have outbursts where he would scream and scream for up to an hour and nothing I could do would help him. He was still waking in the night, visibly in pain, scrunching up in bed. I asked the doctor if we could try losec. She very reluctantly agreed, saying, “If you want to, I can’t stop you.” Still things were much the same.

After months of getting nowhere with the doctor and now feeling too scared to discuss it with them I took Billy to see a private paediatrician. He trebled the dose of losec and put Billy on Neocate and told me to also give him ranitidine if things weren’t improved. Things are still up and down. He gets worse after a tummy bug and we are currently trying as of today to give him his losec before lunch on an empty stomach as I have been told this is much more effective. He is also still on ranitidine. Weaning has been complicated as he can’t have dairy and there are many foods I have learnt that set off the reflux. I could go on and on to be honest but I will stop there!!


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