About Laura – reflux journey

About Laura – reflux journey

LauraI am Laura, 29 years old mum of a 3 year old boy and 7 month old baby girl (with reflux).

I live with my partner of 12 years and dog Jude. I work 2 days a week in an office for a care company and had never experienced reflux until 7 months ago !!

It started all good my little girl was born weighing 8lb 9 ! Big baby and apart from a test showing maybe a strep B infection and me hemorrhagic we were all sorted and savannah was breast feeding a little. However due to me being weak from the blood loss and needles in me I found breast feeding hard and out her on a bottle. I have her aptimil 1 which I had preciously used for my son and no problem. We came home and savannah happily had 5 ounce every few hours the midwife found this to be a lot when I told her.

Within the first week home I noticed sav arching her back a lot and had her chin so high. If I laid her down it wasn’t long before she was crying. Night times were worse than any newborn night she couldn’t settle I had to hold her in my arms with her body propped upwards. We changed milk a couple of times as she started dropping her ounces to no avail. After becoming so drained and depressed at my baby seeming in pain all of the time I researched on the internet and came across silent reflux which described all of her symptoms. Arching, acidic breath, guzzling milk or having back to back bottles ( which followed the guzzling) 2-3 ounce the most she could take for weeks. I went off to baby clinic telling them my baby had silent reflux and I needs help I also booked to see the doctor the same day as I knew deep down something wasn’t right. Her weight had dropped and she was put on gaviscon and pepti 1 special milk. She also have me an immediate referral up to the children’s ward.

I went up and within a few hours came away with ranitidine. I tried both these for a few days but felt not much changed and savannah was worse on one shopping trip the journey home was so upsetting she screamed for the whole duration me and my partner took her to A&E. After 4 hours of her still screaming finally we were admitted saw a consultant the next day and were prescribed omoprozole and domperidon with gaviscon in every bottle. I saw immediate improvement but still she would arch move in her sleep lots only manage a couple of ounces and generally seemed an unhappy baby. I didn’t like using all these medicines on such a little body so did some more research and cane across homeopathy for reflux treatment ! I booked an appointment with a qualified homeopathy consultant and was prescribed sulphar and chamomilia 30c for a few days use after the first dose I noticed a better looking stool (these had previously been vinegar like in smell and green)

She could also manage to have more bottles and her pain seemed less. Still her weight was slowly dropping though and she was still up and down so as a last resort I tried aptimil porridge to help the acid stay down she took to this immediately and her weight went straight up in the first week. She was like a different baby. Since teething stated she has changed again and won’t be spoon fed will only have finger food and is very picky but her symptoms are less and she’s a lot happier. She is still on 1.2 ml of domperidom and is due to see a nutritionist next to help but I don’t think she will be able to tell me much as iv almost got it figured out she’s totally off any dairy I even changed the porridge I give her found soya butter and she loves a range of fruit especially banana which is good for reflux.


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