About Lynn – reflux journey

About Lynn – reflux journey

My name is Lynn and I am 42.

My reflux journey began with my ten year old daughter suffered very severely from silent acid reflux. Had several non-breathing serious episodes and was routinely hospitalised for testing. She was on every medication, formula thickener etc I can imagine was available.

I now have a 14 week old baby who has also been diagnosed with reflux. Her reflux however is very different. She cries a lot and is in constant pain during these times. She is currently on medication (Lansoprazole and Ranitidine) and also has a heart murmur.

My health visitor of course said it was “just” colic. But thankfully I knew differently from my past experiences.

I believe all new parents are stars but those like myself who deal with such a relentless and at times seemingly never ending lack of sleep and little one in pain etc are truly super stars.
My friend is both a breast feeding support worker and all her children had reflux and she has been an amazing support however I know not everyone has this type of support hence why I am offering to become an ambassador. I simply want to give back and help promote everything I can that helps this condition. Bring about more awareness so other families know the facts and are armed with the correct information.


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