babyREFLUX Wedge Trial

babyREFLUX Wedge Trial

We are looking for ten families to test a product.

Here at babyREFLUX, we are producing a new reflux wedge to add to our range. This new wedge is designed specifically for toddlers and young children that are now sleeping in their own “grownup” bed and who are still facing the struggles of infant/acid reflux symptoms.

This new wedge will help provide support and elevation whilst your child sleeps in a raised position, to help soothe their reflux symptoms. It is designed to fit into a single bed, cabin bed or small single bed.

As part of our product development, we’d like to test the wedge with real families, to gain an understanding of the needs of the child using the wedge. That’s where you come in. We are looking for ten families who have children aged 15 months +, who suffer with infant reflux.

  • All ten families must reside in Mainland UK and have an active email address for contact.
  • The child using the wedge must have had a wedge/sleep positioner before (so that they are used to having a device in their bed)
  • The trial is for two weeks with a feedback survey at the end.

You will be able to keep the wedge at the end of the trial. If you are interested in participating please email for further information on the trial. No Purchase necessary.

Thank you

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