Back to basics this Christmas.

Back to basics this Christmas.

There’s no denying it, Christmas comes around faster each year and no matter how hard you try to resist, the days to Christmas/weeks to Christmas countdowns, subliminally tick away in your head.

Trying to survive christmas with sleep deprivation is hard enough, without having to endure a toy which keeps everyone awake with it’s repetitive peeling voice activated jingle sounds.

I remember one christmas where we threw away a toy which kept cycling through the various sound modes on its own. The toy in question continued to play to the street inside the bin for some days, until heavy rainfall ended it’s life!

This year, go back to basics. Avoid the electronic, computer chip driven toys. Go for hand-made.

Hand made artisan gifts are very popular for parents and grandparents to give as a quality, unique creative gift. Something different, which offers a wonderful distraction for the baby. Maybe a welcome distraction for a mum trying to find a way of getting their baby to calm and settle.

Whilst baby cot mobiles work well for a baby who is already settled in their cot, ready to go to sleep, we have found some beautiful imaginative mobiles which are perfect for hanging in the corner of any room. A mobile which works well in a dining room or nursery room, offering a new and unique hanging mobile which cannot fail to keep babies and adults interested.

L’Oiseau Bateau are a french company who manufacture the most extraordinary baby items. They sell very well in Europe, however are new to the UK. We have some of their mobiles available this year. We love their simple designs, detailed and quirky style and imaginative themes.

Made from hand painted metalwork, these mobiles are delightful. I am reminded of folk tales and fairy tales when I see them hanging in a child’s room. Stories about flower fairies or Jules Verne’s sea adventures – classic stories of innocence and belief in magical times.

We are putting together some video’s so you can see the detail close up, but for now, here are a few images.


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