Colic Drops Infacol or Colief: Panacea or Placebo?

Colic Drops Infacol or Colief: Panacea or Placebo?

In the event you have turned to Drops to help your crying baby, the likelihood is that you have Simeticone drops known commonly as Infacol or Lactase Drops known as Colief.

Here’s what NICE say about these two ‘treatments’ for Infantile Colic:

Simeticone drops [Infacol] Although studies of simeticone have not provided evidence demonstrating benefit in infantile colic, It is suggested that a 1-week trial [as a placebo]may still be worth a try because simeticone is easily available, licensed for this use, and cheap. In addition, simeticone has no reported adverse effects, and the simple act of being able to give your baby something may help parents cope better with the crying.

Lactase drops [Colief].The available evidence suggests that lactase drops may help ease symptoms for some babies, providing that the lactase is given before the first feed is given. However, the studies are small and require confirmation by independents.

  • If there is no response to the trial of treatment drops, stop using them.
  • If there is a response to treatment:, After the age of 3–4 months (and by 6 months of age at the latest), wean the child off treatment over a period of about 1 week.



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