Cow & Gate Formula Comfort v Anti-Reflux

Cow & Gate Formula Comfort v Anti-Reflux

We were asked about the difference between Comfort and Anti-Reflux for a baby struggling with Silent reflux.

In my experience there is a clear difference between the two formula milks by C&G. Both has it’s own merits.

Cow & Gate Comfort has been around for a while and was originally suggested for babies who were bringing up their feeds regularly for a range of reasons. The make up of ‘Comfort’ is designed to be digested easier with reduced lactose content to help babies who may be lactose intolerant, increased levels of omega 3 and 6 minerals and a blend of healthy carbs also called oligosacharides, which helps the stomach’s microflora. All this is designed to help the baby digest their feed better and reduce the amount of times they are sick.

Cow & Gate Anti-Reflux formula is a bit different. It’s suggested for the management of frequent reflux and regurgitation. It is designed to help the baby keep their feed down. It’s a thickened formula, designed to be easier to digest and contains essential omega’s.

If you can’t decide which to try, then you probably need to know what the underlying issue your baby has. Silent reflux for example, is not commonly diagnosed, because it has symptoms that could be linked to many other complaints like constipation, wind etc. It is always best to approach your GP for further tests and opinion, if your baby is very unhappy and not feeding well and losing weight.

As with most things, Babies need time to adapt so if you do choose to swap feeds, give them a good 10 days testing before moving over to a new one.

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