Going from breast-to-bottle in 5 easy steps.

Going from breast-to-bottle in 5 easy steps.

Introducing infant formula

If you choose to introduce infant formula, it’s best to do it gradually to give yourself time to adapt and to give your body time to reduce the amount of milk it makes. It usually helps to give the first few bottles when your baby is happy and relaxed – not when they’re very hungry.

It may also help if someone other than you gives the first feeds, so that your baby is not near you and smelling your breast milk. It can take your baby a little time to get used to the bottle, so keep trying and don’t force the baby to feed. For a 9 month old baby, a mummy blogger advises this:
Step 1: Offer a 2oz formula at morning feed. After your baby takes formula, let them nurse as long as enjoyed.

Step 2: Offer a 4oz formula at morning feed, Again, let your baby nurse until full.

Step 3: Offer a 6oz formula at morning feed. Offer nursing, although your baby may not need it, being full.

Step 4: Repeated steps 1 – 3 for every feed until the only nursing time is bedtimes for getting your baby off to sleep.

Continue for about a week…

Step 5: Repeated steps 1-3 until a bottle is accepted at bedtime and nursing can stop.
This isn’t a strict rule you have to follow, just one mum’s useful method. Use your knowledge of your baby and choose your moment to try the bottle feeds carefully., It will take some getting used to and you may need to try different flow teats once you start, as your baby may need a fast or slower flow.
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