Great Smartphone Apps for baby health

Great Smartphone Apps for baby health

Over the years we have found dipping into Smartphone Apps for snippets for advice or ideas on baby health, tracking data and development, to be useful. Here is our top 5 Baby Apps in no particular order!

Baby EARSBaby Ears by DBL (Dunstan Baby Language)

For: iPhone, iPad

Your newborn baby isn’t just crying – she/He is communicating with you. Develop your Baby Ears and tune-in to a new world of Baby Listening. With the Baby Ears app you will learn to hear the 5 unique sounds every newborn makes before they cry, and know exactly how to respond to quickly and easily calm your infant. Get This App!

We used The Dunstan Baby Language system on DVD years ago, with our own daughter, who was very refluxy. it was helpful to work out the difference between crying in pain and crying for usual baby needs. Now as an App with additional interaction, this is worth a punt!


baby trackerFeed Baby Tracker by PENGUIN APPS PTY LTD

For: iPhone, iPad, iWatch & Android

Ideal for new parents to track and predict their newborns breastfeeding needs – the best baby tracker for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The best app for first time mums that need to keep track on sleeping & feeding patterns. Get this App!

We found this App very easy to use, nice to look at & you can add loads of information as you progress. it’s FREE with in App upgrade to unlock the whole package for £4.49


NapBaby Nap Tracker by GonkGonk

For: Android

Some parents use Sleep training methods and are keen to understand the duration their baby sleeps and keep a record of this. If you can’t remember how long baby’s last nap lasted? Or how long it took for them to fall asleep? Baby Nap Tracker can track when you put your baby down, what time they fell asleep and what time they woke up. Get This App!

Helpful for sleep training, since you can record the time it takes baby to fall asleep.


trackerBaby Daybook (daily tracker) by DrillyApps

For: Android

Baby Daybook – daily tracker is a perfect app for tracking daily activity of your newborn easily! Know how long since the last baby feeding, did he take a nap, how many nappies were changed today, bathtime etc. Each day’s summary lets you see the stats and filter daily activities with a single tap. Get this App!

Remembers what you can’t! This app makes keeping track of everything very easy as you can log everything in. Particularly good if you need to track medicines or feeding volumes. The free version is excellent but if you want stats, you can upgrade.


WebMD babyWebMD Baby by WebMD

For iPhone products & Android

Over 1.5 million parents have downloaded the WebMD Baby app to track their baby’s development and get trusted, physician-approved advice. In this single, free app, you’ll have the right resources to raise your newborn. Get this App!

The Baby 101 section has all of the medical information you could ever want and there are daily tips and articles available based on your baby’s age. There are journals you can use for tracking growth, sleep, feeding and nappy changes. The notes section lets you add other information you might want to remember and those notes can be emailed if needed. You can also make a book from all the data you have collected.

Additional features like the baby book that you can create with pictures and milestones, is a wonderful extra. Chronicle the life of your little angel all the way back to the first sonogram picture. Record pictures of their first moments, favourite foods and all the words they learn in their first two years. It’s a great way to keep track of everything important that happens, whilst also having expert advice at your fingertips, completely FREE!

If you use an App and want to share it’s features, Contact us and we’ll share it.

Please note: Download Apps and files from the internet, at your own risk.

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