Happy Holidays lovely people!

Happy Holidays lovely people!

It amazes me how each Christmas season seems to arrive much quicker than the last, or maybe I am just getting older?

Either way, I never seem to carry out the things I want to do over Christmas and my family routine is shot once the tree goes up, the Heroes come out and Home Alone is on it’s third outing. I suppose as a Mum, you have to be flexible and in putting your children first, often your own routines and wishes are postponed or changed.

By the time Christmas arrived for our refluxy daughter, she was already 10 months old. Nevertheless, we still braved a 2 hour journey to meet relatives and tried to shoe-horn seeing family and having meals into her feeding, settling and sleep routine. I guess looking back I should have been less worried about keeping the baby routine going around Christmas, but at the time it seemed like the only way to preserve sanity (perhaps for me?).

My advice to any parent or carer of a child with reflux is to grab sleep when you can, even if its on a train going somewhere or at a relatives house, in a comfy chair. Eat what you fancy – nothing like a bit of self soothing to keep your spirits up and try not to worry too much about routines.

Have and wonderful Christmas holiday and all the very best.



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