Infant Reflux Neck Rash

Infant Reflux Neck Rash

One secondary problem derived from infant reflux is neck rash. Each time a baby brings up feeds, the milky liquid can sneak around the folds of skin on the neck and back of the ears. The best way to combat the beginnings of a rash is to wipe the folds of skin around the neck and back of the ears during and after each feed, to keep clean and dry.

If the rash begins to take hold, a good nappy cream can be used to help safeguard the skin from future dampness and to heal the rash.

Use of certain bibs can help – I found plastic bibs or bibs with plastic backing cause more of a problem as they got hot around the neck and didn’t really soak away the liquid, just held it close to the skin. An absorbent bib that can be washed frequently is ideal. As soon as the bib becomes damp with absorbed dribble, then it should be changed for a fresh one. A cotton muslin would be perfect also.

Watch out for a persistent rash, as this is a sign the rash area is infected. You can use a yeast infection cream to help with this (check with a pharmacist – as it’s an over the counter cream)

If you remember to wipe little one”s neck out with a clean damp cloth or clean nappy wipe and dry in between the folds of skin and up behind the ears, then put baby powder onto the skin as often as possible around feeding time, then you should stay on top of it.

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