Is reflux a state of mind?

Is reflux a state of mind?

Is reflux a state of mind? It is important to rule out a physical reason for stomach aches and stomach pain before looking at other options.

if you keep a symptoms diary for when you see your doctor, it may aid the diagnosis process. Getting a diagnosis and treatment for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease can be extremely quick or slow. Sometimes the symptoms are so common and classic that the doctor can diagnose the problem easily. Some people don’t have the most typical symptoms and the road to diagnosis is slower. It may take extra time and several visits to the specialists.

Children or teenagers may be referred to a counsellor or psychologist for evaluation of stomach pain or stomach aches. While it is unlikely that stress or anxiety will cause a digestive problem such as reflux, stress can worsen an underlying medical problem. Certainly it is common for your stomach to react when you are under stress. Think about how your stomach feels when you are about to make a presentation or drive during rush hour.

If your doctor suggests a visit to a counsellor, try to put a positive spin on it. The doctor isn’t passing you over to another department. Instead they are exploring all approaches of care, to find the right combination of activities, diet and medical treatments to help manage the discomfort.

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