‘Jabs, teething & intolerances’ by Laura

‘Jabs, teething & intolerances’ by Laura

It’s been 2 weeks since Savannah had her year 1 jabs and they have made her feel poorly, with a snotty nose, temperature and very grumpy. On top of this she is teething too, (so I have been giving teething granules). Her diet isn’t that varied, so its hard when she is off her food.

I was due to see a nutritionist, but the appointment came in too late, so had to be rearranged. I could only get an appointment in 3 months time, which means Savannah will be 15 months and I hope can be weaned off Pepti 2 and onto Alpo Soya 1+. I am told this is the next phase. I recently tried Sav with a Milky Bar chocolate which didn’t cause any flare ups, which was a relief and maybe a sign that she is outgrowing her intolerance?

Talking with my grandmother she was concerned about Savannah losing weight and being in hospital and me not getting much sleep. She has never heard of reflux as they never talked about allergies in her day, but she is really proud of me getting things sorted and getting help from professionals.


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