Make your own cot wedge – DIY Wedges!

Make your own cot wedge – DIY Wedges!

Space saver cots or shaped cots and cotbeds are part of the diverse range of baby equipment available these days.

When you need to put a cot wedge into one of these non-standard size cots, you have a problem. Standard cots are 60cm wide, cotbeds are 70cm wide and cribs are 38cm wide, but many of the non-standard cots fall in-between these width measurements and cot wedges tend not to be made for these sizes. The answer is to make your own or ask us to make you one!

The most important thing to remember about making your own cot wedge is the angle of elevation. You need to make sure you have a good elevation to help lift your baby up, but not too high a rise that will cause your baby to roll off and wake up frequently from being displaced. Luckily, we have spent years refining this angle of elevation and our wedges are cut to an elevation of 18 degrees. So when you come to make your own wedge, you can use one of our cot wedges which is ready to go!

The first step is to decide if you want to put your wedge underneath the cot mattress to elevate from underneath or elevate your baby on top of the mattress. You can make your own wedge DIY style using the underneath wedge (a Wedgehog) as it needs no coverings to worry about.

To make yourself a Wedgehog, simply follow the instructions in the video or the pdf document. It’s a very simple process. The main thing to consider is not to cut your wedge too fast and too hard. Calculate and measure your dimensions and mark them out on the foam. Remember at the thick end of the wedge, you need to keep your cut as straight down as possible so that the top and the bottom of the foam are the same measurements. It can be easy to lean or press over and end up with a diagonal cut! (A bit like slicing a fresh loaf)

If you want to give your wedgehog a rounded finish or oval finish, you need to make yourself a template. We offer graph paper to help you ensure that your measurements are aligned properly before you cut. We have made a YouTube video explaining this on the wedgehog page. When shaping your foam, its worth cutting away small slices until you achieve the shape and width you need, rather than cutting to much.

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