My Homeopathy Journey – Laura

My Homeopathy Journey – Laura

Savannah was around 6 weeks old when I finally got some information from a forum about an alternative way to help reflux. I had previously had to take her to A&E and stay in overnight to get meds and numerous doctors visits. I had also tried different milks and bottles, colic drops and gripe water. We were prescribed Omoprazole which stopped her sleeping and Domperidone that I thought helped a tiny bit.
I searched for a qualified homeopath in my area and found her website and read up on her recent work in baby’s with colic/reflux.

I called the number and was booked in the following week to meet her and pay for a consultation which was around £45 and included the homeopathic meds prescribed. She asked me about everything regarding Savannah’s birth and aftercare and wrote everything I could remember down. She said from the simage2tart she thought Savannah’s silent reflux was due to intravenous antibiotics on her small new stomach lining! (which Savannah had a course of as they suspected Strep B) She then said she would prescribe what she thought from my story and ask me to pick up the prescription from her home.

I was prescribed Sulphur tablets and Chamomilia X3 I was given instructions on how to use these and I was prescribed an amount to be crushed and rubbed on Savannah’s gums. She also advised to go to the health food store and purchase a droplet form of chicory added to Sav’s bottles. She advised I could wean her off her prescribed medication given from the hospital as slowly as I wanted but to not keep her on them.
Within a few days I noticed a change on Savannah as she was managing more of her milk and sleeping better she seemed more relaxed. I did have another course of the above prescribed as I thought Savannah needed more Sulphur as it seemed to settle her. I liked it the best. The chicory didn’t seem to suit Sav so I didn’t continue with this. The trick is with homeopathy, as I was told, is you only need a small amount to see a difference and totally stop symptoms.image1

I was very nervous of stopping all meds and it did take me a couple more months to stop the Domperidom as I remember. But when I did she was fine. I also purchased Sulphur from the health food shop in the recommended dose for any flare ups which I did use a couple of times but Savannah was managing better and combined with her Pepti milk (which I have always thickened with Infant Gaviscon) and porridge as I also weaned her early. The day I chose homeopathic remedies changed my life for the better.

Savannah was now sleeping better and enjoying life and I could now go somewhere without fear of constant crying.


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