My Weaning Journey – Grace

My Weaning Journey – Grace

A little about our weaning journey that made the biggest improvement to our little sunshine…

With baby S not gaining as much weight as expected and the constant feeding of Milk (I’d split all his feeds in half) literally 120ml bottle every hour and 20minutes (that cannot be pre prepared as reflux formula) it was suggested by our gp that we start weaning early (just turned 5 months) to see if it had an improvement.

I found it quite daunting to begin with as I’d finally got into a routine that was comfortable for him. The reflux milk and ranitidine dosage combination seeming to control the reflux beast. So I started small with the usual rice and bananas etc and with relief it had an almost immediate effect in that he wasn’t vomiting at all and was loving it.

I made all my own purees from here (I say purees but more like a thick porridge consistency including lumps) thicker than you would expect for a young baby his reflux formula brand solidifies in the stomach so I didn’t want to go backwards with watery liquids sloshing up and down his oesophagus. Bit too afraid to start baby-led weaning just incase he couldn’t swallow properly.

Introducing new foods in a sensible order of foods that can be digested easily…starting with orange veggies and thick Turkish yogurt and fruit (both still favourites now) we carried on the thick purees for about five weeks ish and baby S then decided he didn’t want them anymore and he changed literally into eating basically adult meals in small portions because he loved the finger foods more than anything else and being able to control how much he could bite off and chew.

It wasn’t all plain sailing we had a few spinach incidents with lovely green vomit over the cream carpet

Still till this day he cant handle it at 16months. He has developed a tomato allergy but nightshade allergy is genetic in my family but apart from that he’s gone from a rubbish sucker with poor weight gain and vomiting to a toddler with a varied pallete who loves to eat and very healthy. He improved so much that we have recently been able to reduce his ranitidine with a view to removing it altogether within the next couple of months.

Other things I should mention:

  • Baby S had an aversion to any liquid so he refused to drink water…my tip is leave sippy cups everywhere and don’t push, they find their own way. It was a long process literally took him till he was about 13 months to be able to drink water from a sippy cup.
  • I never took any of his bottles away. I gave him the option of something he liked to eat or his milk and let him refuse it on his own (sounds ridiculous) but it made it less stressful and on some days if he wasn’t feeling great I would rather him have his milk than starve for fear of being sick. He stopped his morning milk last and this was 2 months ago. (aged 14 months) Contrary to popular belief it hasn’t affected his teeth which are perfect and have been examined by a dentist and likewise hasn’t effected his speech that extra two months was what he needed on the bottle and that’s what he got. if he needed longer I would’ve continued.
  • We still do little and often even if he’s still hungry definitely has three small meals and two snacks but sometimes four snacks and smaller meals it keeps the acid away.
  • We still do quiet time after eating anything although quite difficult to put into force (15-20 minutes of calm sitting activities)

As all babies are unique, reflux babies are even more so when it comes to food. We were lucky and weaning helped so if your starting your weaning journey then hopefully it does for you too.









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