Peter’s Story

Peter’s Story

In September 2007, I gave birth 4 weeks early to non-identical twin boys. Whilst initially both boys seemed to feed well on formula (I had decided I wouldn’t try and breast feed twins this time as I had with my eldest son) and were helped by having been born at good weights (both just over 6lb) our troubles with Peter started at 4 weeks old.

We would feed Peter a bottle and then take crash positions for the projectile vomit. On my health visitors advice I saw our GP early on particularly as some weeks he was only gaining 4 oz in weight and we were getting very depressed by the whole thing. I particularly worried constantly about him choking on his own vomit lying on his back in the moses basket and was exhausted from lack of sleep and the discomfort of trying to get over a CSection delivery. He recommended we switch to SMA Staydown formula together with Infant Gaviscon in every feed, the improvement was not instant but as he started to gain weight and grow this improved things a lot.

I am pleased to say we were lucky the reflux for us lasted only 12 weeks and thank goodness only one twin had it but at the time it felt like it would never end. Peter is now 7 months old and just over 20lb in weight and I feel that his premature digestive system was the likely cause for us and he grew out of it relatively quickly. SMA Staydown plus Gaviscon is definitely worth a try.


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