Reflux and Autism spectrum disorder

Reflux and Autism spectrum disorder

it is possible to get the help for reflux, that is needed for autistic children. It takes a bit of extra work when a child has autism, affecting their sensory system and ability to communicate.

There a great deal of under-diagnosis and under-treatment of gastrointestinal disorders in autistic children. Often, if a child has behavioural challenges, it is assumed that it is due to autism, not to an illness.

Many children with mild oesophagitis would have a minor tummy upset or heartburn. However, if your sensory system is wired differently due to autism; mild oesophagitis may go unnoticed in one child with autism or feel like the worst pain imaginable in another. That is because some children with autism have a sensory system that is sluggish and unresponsive and others have a sensory system that is in hyper-responsive.

What to do?

  • Find out if your paediatrician would be willing to try a short term trial of reflux medication to see if there is an improvement in symptoms.
  • Perhaps get a referral to another gastroenterologist with experience working with children with ASD for further evaluation. The paediatrician may also help you figure out if there is another illness or condition that is causing so much discomfort.
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