Reflux Management

  • Guide to Formula Milks & Feeding

    Guide to Formula Milks & Feeding

    Breastmilk provides the best possible food supply for your baby. When you are breastfeeding a baby who is either very upset, refusing to feed, or very sick it can be very tough. If you can’t breastfeed for any reason, or if you’ve chosen not to, formula milk is the next option. Remember that when changing over [...]
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  • Breast-feeding an Allergy Elimination Diet

    Breast-feeding an Allergy Elimination Diet

    Breast-fed infants can develop food allergies. In these instances, the most likely potential allergens are milk and soy. These proteins are similar to maternal milk proteins and pass into the breast milk more easily. Symptoms of allergy in a breast-fed infant will likely resolve if the mother completely avoids the potential allergen. See your GP [...]
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  • Formula: Infatini Peptisorb

    Formula: Infatini Peptisorb

    Infatrini Peptisorb is the first high energy, 100% whey peptide based, ready to feed formula indicated for use in infants from birth to 18 months or 9kg. This unique product was especially designed to help infants with maldigestion and malabsorption issues, as well as infants with faltering growth.  New Infatrini Peptisorb is nutritionally complete and [...]
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  • Formula: Nutramigen 1 & 2 LIPIL

    Formula: Nutramigen 1 & 2 LIPIL

    Nutramigen Lipil is a special, hypoallergenic formula for babies and children with cow’s milk protein allergy or intolerance. Cow’s milk allergy/intolerance may result in a variety of symptoms which may include eczema, colic, diarrhoea or constipation. The protein in Nutramigen Lipil has been extensively broken down (hydrolysed) into tiny pieces that are not recognised by the immune [...]
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  • Jane’s Story

    Jane’s Story

    I have been reading the stories on your website and thought ours may be of some reassurance to people struggling through this. G was perfectly healthy and happy until he reached 10 weeks old, when he began to pull off the bottle, arching his back and screaming. Within a couple of weeks, it affected every [...]
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  • Darcy & Alfie’s Story

    Darcy & Alfie’s Story

    Darcy’s story Dear Rachel, thanks for this site. Soooo helpful. I’m at my wits end. Have a 5 week old and was told today she suffers from Infant Reflux. She is on Nutramigen milk, and infant Gaviscon. It helps but now I read on your site how much pain a baby is in I feel [...]
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