Reflux Management

  • George’s story

    George’s story

    This is George’s Story. George was born in May, four weeks premature. I understand that this made him more likely to get reflux, in addition one of his cousins had had unproblematic reflux as a baby. George started to make very strange noises in the night at about 4 weeks, and suddenly stopped settling after [...]
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  • Willow’s Story

    Willow’s Story

    March 2007, Basingstoke, England “It can’t be morning; we’ve only just gone to bed!” Does this sound familiar? Maybe if you are a parent with a new baby. In our case, we were parents for the third time, but this time our 6 week old daughter Willow, was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux/GOR for short, most [...]
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  • Infant Gaviscon

    Infant Gaviscon

    Infant Gaviscon contains two active ingredients, sodium alginate and magnesium alginate. These are naturally occuring substances that are found in a particular type of seaweed. Alginates act locally in the stomach to physically prevent the contents of the stomach from flowing back into the food pipe (reflux) and being regurgitated. Infant Gaviscon may be recommended [...]
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  • Milly’s Story

    Milly’s Story

    We have a baby girl with reflux (Milly is 6 months). We’ve had a hard time with reflux. Milly’s vomiting has been helped a little with infant gaviscon, but obviously it doesn’t eliminate it. We’re at the weaning on to solids stage now and the vomiting has become really really bad! She has too strong [...]
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  • Peter’s Story

    Peter’s Story

    In September 2007, I gave birth 4 weeks early to non-identical twin boys. Whilst initially both boys seemed to feed well on formula (I had decided I wouldn’t try and breast feed twins this time as I had with my eldest son) and were helped by having been born at good weights (both just over [...]
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  • My Homeopathy Journey – Laura

    My Homeopathy Journey – Laura

    Savannah was around 6 weeks old when I finally got some information from a forum about an alternative way to help reflux. I had previously had to take her to A&E and stay in overnight to get meds and numerous doctors visits. I had also tried different milks and bottles, colic drops and gripe water. [...]
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  • Doctors and Medical professionals – Kitty

    Doctors and Medical professionals – Kitty

    I will start at the beginning, when Billy was a few days old. I had a really lovely midwife, who was desperate to help me determine why Billy would not stop screaming all the time and seemed to be struggling to feed so much. After breastfeeding him for 40 minutes during a consultation with her, [...]
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  • Darcy & Alfie’s Story

    Darcy & Alfie’s Story

    Darcy’s story Dear Rachel, thanks for this site. Soooo helpful. I’m at my wits end. Have a 5 week old and was told today she suffers from Infant Reflux. She is on Nutramigen milk, and infant Gaviscon. It helps but now I read on your site how much pain a baby is in I feel [...]
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