Reflux Management

  • Is reflux a state of mind?

    Is reflux a state of mind?

    Is reflux a state of mind? It is important to rule out a physical reason for stomach aches and stomach pain before looking at other options. if you keep a symptoms diary for when you see your doctor, it may aid the diagnosis process. Getting a diagnosis and treatment for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease can be extremely quick [...]
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  • About Julie – reflux journey

    About Julie – reflux journey

    Hi, I’m Julie – My beautiful little girl still suffers from silent reflux. She is going to have a camera into her throat and tummy to see what’s going on. This chills me to the bone as I, myself have had it a few times it’s not nice and she will be so scared – [...]
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  • About Lynn – reflux journey

    About Lynn – reflux journey

    My name is Lynn and I am 42. My reflux journey began with my ten year old daughter suffered very severely from silent acid reflux. Had several non-breathing serious episodes and was routinely hospitalised for testing. She was on every medication, formula thickener etc I can imagine was available. I now have a 14 week [...]
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  • About Rachel – reflux journey

    About Rachel – reflux journey

    Joshua was born small for dates as I had pre-eclampsia during the last few weeks of pregnancy. He was born 5 pounds 2oz at full term (38 weeks) after I was induced because of my sky high blood pressure. Silent reflux, we later found out, is fairly common in ‘small for dates’ babies. After 3 [...]
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  • About Laura – reflux journey

    About Laura – reflux journey

    I am Laura, 29 years old mum of a 3 year old boy and 7 month old baby girl (with reflux). I live with my partner of 12 years and dog Jude. I work 2 days a week in an office for a care company and had never experienced reflux until 7 months ago !! [...]
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  • About Kitty – reflux journey

    About Kitty – reflux journey

    Hi, I am Kitty. I am a first time mum to a 13-and-a-half-month-old boy called Billy and I live in London. I have just started working again 3 days a week as a court transcriber and I work from home. I am married. A bit about Billy’s reflux (not sure how to keep this brief!!): [...]
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  • Laryngomalacia and reflux

    Laryngomalacia and reflux

    Laryngomalacia is the most frequent cause of noisy breathing or stridor in infants and children. It is the most common birth defect of the voice box or larynx. It is best described as floppy tissue above the vocal cords. This floppy tissue falls into the airway when the infant breathes in. The cause of laryngomalacia and [...]
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  • Micturating Cystourethrogram (X-ray)

    Micturating Cystourethrogram (X-ray)

    A cystourethrogram produces specialised X-ray pictures. These help assess the structure and function of the lower urinary tract, in particular the bladder (‘cysto’) and the urethra (a tube which takes urine to the outside of your body). Images are also taken while the patient passes urine. Passing urine can be called micturating or voiding, hence [...]
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