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  • Sleeping through the night.

    Sleeping through the night.

    Here’s something that may really surprise you: as much as we may want our babies to sleep through the night, our own subconscious emotions sometimes hold us back from encouraging change in our babies’ sleeping habits. You yourself may be the very obstacle preventing a change in a routine that disrupts your life. So let’s [...]
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  • Sleep Clues – Dream or Deep Sleep?

    Sleep Clues – Dream or Deep Sleep?

    Sleep is divided into two different states which alternate through the night: Dream Sleep sometimes referred to as REM (rapid eye movement) and Deep Sleep. As we pass from one state to the other, we often wake, roll over and go back to sleep, totally unaware that we have woken at all. This is because [...]
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  • Waking for night feedings.

    Waking for night feedings.

    Many paediatricians recommend that parents shouldn’t let a newborn sleep longer than three or four hours without feeding, and the vast majority of babies wake far more frequently than that. (There are a few exceptional babies who can go longer.) No matter what, your baby will wake up during the night. The key is to [...]
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  • Sleep signals and nap time

    Sleep signals and nap time

    Babies differ in their napping needs – but here’s a general guide that applies to most babies: Naps should happen immediately when your baby shows signs of tiredness. If you wait too long, she becomes overtired, “wired up,” and unable to sleep. Once you are familiar with your baby’s nap needs you can plan a nap [...]
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  • White noise for babies?

    White noise for babies?

    White noise is the most effective way to block distractions, because it covers the largest spectrum range. It’s great for soothing your baby to sleep and then protects them from being startled or woken by other noises. Developed with midwives and used in hospitals, by the NCT and by thousands of happily sleeping babies across [...]
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  • Why do night bottles cause night waking?

    Why do night bottles cause night waking?

    It’s useful to remember that all babies and toddlers wake 4-6 times a night. They ‘sleep through’ when they can get back to sleep after each awakening without your help! If you use a bottle or breastfeed to get your child to sleep at bedtime, over time this teaches your toddler that they need the [...]
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  • Sleep Thief: Committing the ultimate baby sin

    Sleep Thief: Committing the ultimate baby sin

    I have a confession to make.  I broke one of the biggest baby rules there is. I hid the truth from my health visitor. I told no one. Until now. It was 4am when I did it for the first time. I was exhausted. My baby would not sleep, so I could not sleep. The [...]
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