Reflux Management

  • George’s story

    George’s story

    This is George’s Story. George was born in May, four weeks premature. I understand that this made him more likely to get reflux, in addition one of his cousins had had unproblematic reflux as a baby. George started to make very strange noises in the night at about 4 weeks, and suddenly stopped settling after [...]
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  • James’ Story

    James’ Story

    I watch James sleep snuggled up to me on the sofa, holding onto his cuddly ‘Tilly’ dog and study every inch of his face. I am addicted to him, his little laugh, his cheeky smile, and his unconditional love. The silent relaxed atmosphere of the house is a far cry literally from the dark seemingly [...]
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  • Jayden’s Story

    Jayden’s Story

    When Jayden was born in March, I knew instantly that something wasn’t quite right. Those first couple of feeds soon projected from his tiny mouth and all over his new baby grow. Frustrated, I asked the nurse for advice who force fed him and that soon ended up all over her. Nevertheless, they insisted it [...]
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  • Rob & Suzanne’s Story

    Rob & Suzanne’s Story

    I have two gorgeous sons and I wouldn’t change them for the world but life has been fairly traumatic since they arrived. Our eldest son had stomach surgery at 3weeks old – his reflux was so bad the paediatricians thought he had a more serious medical condition and sent us to London for emergency surgery. [...]
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  • Tina & Max’s Story

    Tina & Max’s Story

    From two weeks old our son Max started to snuffle and choke would sleep no more than 1/2 hour at a time including night, was husky, always had his fists clenched, cried continuously and felt like he was continually latched on drinking the only difference is he would not bring back his food. During this [...]
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  • Willow’s Story

    Willow’s Story

    March 2007, Basingstoke, England “It can’t be morning; we’ve only just gone to bed!” Does this sound familiar? Maybe if you are a parent with a new baby. In our case, we were parents for the third time, but this time our 6 week old daughter Willow, was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux/GOR for short, most [...]
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  • I knew my screaming baby had more than ‘just colic’.

    I knew my screaming baby had more than ‘just colic’.

    Originally Published in the Daily Mail on 20th July 2010 By Henrietta Norton As with so many first-time parents, my husband Charlie and I had a starry-eyed view of how things would be once we had our much wanted baby. So when Alfie arrived, ten days earlier than expected and following a smooth birth, we [...]
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  • Freya’s Story

    Freya’s Story

    I’m mum to a non refluxer 15 year old son Kieran. Decided to try for a baby with my second husband, delighted to fall pregnant very quickly. Delivered a healthy daughter, Freya, weighing a good 10lbs 9oz!. Seemingly well we left hospital after 24 hours. Rapidly discovered all was not right with darling daughter shortly [...]
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  • Gemma’s Story

    Gemma’s Story

    I’d like to share my experiences My daughter was born in June, she’s now 3 months old. Having had a wonderful pregnancy (not even morning sickness), I also went on to have an amazing birthing experience, my daughter came out in water happily. As I had intended to breastfeed, the initial few days were okay [...]
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  • Hope’s Story

    Hope’s Story

    Hope’s first four months were absolute hell due to reflux. The GP and paediatrician kept putting her on different medication – none of which worked. Finally when they could see I was about to break they let me into the secret of SMA Staydown milk. I can’t recommend it enough – she was a different [...]
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  • Milly’s Story

    Milly’s Story

    We have a baby girl with reflux (Milly is 6 months). We’ve had a hard time with reflux. Milly’s vomiting has been helped a little with infant gaviscon, but obviously it doesn’t eliminate it. We’re at the weaning on to solids stage now and the vomiting has become really really bad! She has too strong [...]
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  • Peter’s Story

    Peter’s Story

    In September 2007, I gave birth 4 weeks early to non-identical twin boys. Whilst initially both boys seemed to feed well on formula (I had decided I wouldn’t try and breast feed twins this time as I had with my eldest son) and were helped by having been born at good weights (both just over [...]
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