Reflux Management

  • Toby’s Story

    Toby’s Story

    I found your website when looking for a wedge for my sons cot. I too am a mum for the third time and my baby has reflux. My other two children didn’t, though they were very sicky babies. My son is on a special milk that thickens his feeds, called Enfamil. We have only had [...]
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  • About Jemma – reflux journey

    About Jemma – reflux journey

    I’m a first time mummy and me and my husband absolutely love and dote on our little one! We enjoy spending time as a family and also spending time with the LO’s grandparents, out and about and eating lunch It was at about 5 days old, when the midwife had come out to visit [...]
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  • ‘Jabs, teething & intolerances’ by Laura

    ‘Jabs, teething & intolerances’ by Laura

    It’s been 2 weeks since Savannah had her year 1 jabs and they have made her feel poorly, with a snotty nose, temperature and very grumpy. On top of this she is teething too, (so I have been giving teething granules). Her diet isn’t that varied, so its hard when she is off her food. [...]
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  • Reflux and Autism spectrum disorder

    Reflux and Autism spectrum disorder

    it is possible to get the help for reflux, that is needed for autistic children. It takes a bit of extra work when a child has autism, affecting their sensory system and ability to communicate. There a great deal of under-diagnosis and under-treatment of gastrointestinal disorders in autistic children. Often, if a child has behavioural challenges, it is assumed that [...]
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  • Things nobody told me about breastfeeding

    Things nobody told me about breastfeeding

    I breastfed all of my children, some fed better and longer than others. The other day, I was reading an article about breastfeeding and like a bolt out of the blue I was suddenly jolted back to those early days of learning to breastfeed my new baby. So I thought a lot about those moments and decided [...]
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  • Postnatal Depression

    Postnatal Depression

    Not to be confused with feeling a little blue directly after having your baby. Most women feel tearful and low once or twice in the first ten days after birth, while their body sorts itself out and breast milk begins to come through fully. Emotions usually run high around day three and day ten after [...]
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  • Excessive crying, sleepless and demanding baby? CRY-SIS can help you.

    Excessive crying, sleepless and demanding baby? CRY-SIS can help you.

    Cry-sis offers support for families with excessively crying, sleepless and demanding babies.Cry-sis runs a national telephone helpline that is available to callers every day of the year between 9.00am and 10.00pm. Callers are referred to a trained volunteer member of Cry-sis who has had personal experience of crying or sleep problems within their own family. [...]
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  • Corrinne’s Story

    Corrinne’s Story

    Silent reflux at 10 weeks My son Archie (now 2.5) was diagnosed with silent reflux at 10 weeks. I spent 10 gruelling weeks trying to breastfeed him for him only to arch his back at every feed and scream with pain. He gained weight but that was because he fed little and often, every 1-2 [...]
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  • ‘Does he still need reflux medication?’ by Dawn

    ‘Does he still need reflux medication?’ by Dawn

    That inevitable question – ‘do you think he still needs reflux medication?’ **Always seek a doctors advice before weaning off medication. Reducing meds MUST be done in a controlled manner with a doctors supervision and a proper plan in place. It took us 3 months just to swap from one reflux drug to another just [...]
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  • Reflux and (not) sleeping – Grace

    Reflux and (not) sleeping – Grace

    I see lots of friends with freshly done hair, makeup on and show-home standard houses with newborns. I always ask them how they manage it and they reply ‘they sleep all the time I have loads of time to get things done’ Argh that explains it when you have a reflux baby they don’t sleep, [...]
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  • About Julie – reflux journey

    About Julie – reflux journey

    Hi, I’m Julie – My beautiful little girl still suffers from silent reflux. She is going to have a camera into her throat and tummy to see what’s going on. This chills me to the bone as I, myself have had it a few times it’s not nice and she will be so scared – [...]
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  • About Lynn – reflux journey

    About Lynn – reflux journey

    My name is Lynn and I am 42. My reflux journey began with my ten year old daughter suffered very severely from silent acid reflux. Had several non-breathing serious episodes and was routinely hospitalised for testing. She was on every medication, formula thickener etc I can imagine was available. I now have a 14 week [...]
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