Reflux Management

  • About Rachel – reflux journey

    About Rachel – reflux journey

    Joshua was born small for dates as I had pre-eclampsia during the last few weeks of pregnancy. He was born 5 pounds 2oz at full term (38 weeks) after I was induced because of my sky high blood pressure. Silent reflux, we later found out, is fairly common in ‘small for dates’ babies. After 3 [...]
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  • My Homeopathy Journey – Laura

    My Homeopathy Journey – Laura

    Savannah was around 6 weeks old when I finally got some information from a forum about an alternative way to help reflux. I had previously had to take her to A&E and stay in overnight to get meds and numerous doctors visits. I had also tried different milks and bottles, colic drops and gripe water. [...]
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  • My Weaning Journey – Grace

    My Weaning Journey – Grace

    A little about our weaning journey that made the biggest improvement to our little sunshine… With baby S not gaining as much weight as expected and the constant feeding of Milk (I’d split all his feeds in half) literally 120ml bottle every hour and 20minutes (that cannot be pre prepared as reflux formula) it was [...]
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  • Doctors and Medical professionals – Kitty

    Doctors and Medical professionals – Kitty

    I will start at the beginning, when Billy was a few days old. I had a really lovely midwife, who was desperate to help me determine why Billy would not stop screaming all the time and seemed to be struggling to feed so much. After breastfeeding him for 40 minutes during a consultation with her, [...]
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  • My Memorable Reflux Journey – Dawn

    My Memorable Reflux Journey – Dawn

    What do I remember most about where our reflux journey began? I remember the first time we experienced projectile vomit. Who knew someone so small could create so much sick! I remember the throws we used to have on our sofa until it got to the point where they were in the washing machine more [...]
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  • About Laura – reflux journey

    About Laura – reflux journey

    I am Laura, 29 years old mum of a 3 year old boy and 7 month old baby girl (with reflux). I live with my partner of 12 years and dog Jude. I work 2 days a week in an office for a care company and had never experienced reflux until 7 months ago !! [...]
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  • About Kitty – reflux journey

    About Kitty – reflux journey

    Hi, I am Kitty. I am a first time mum to a 13-and-a-half-month-old boy called Billy and I live in London. I have just started working again 3 days a week as a court transcriber and I work from home. I am married. A bit about Billy’s reflux (not sure how to keep this brief!!): [...]
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  • About Dawn – reflux journey

    About Dawn – reflux journey

    I’m a 30 something mum and carer to Dexter who is 3. We live with my husband David (also known as dada) and our cat Zeus. Dexter was born with Down’s syndrome as well as a heart condition and it’s the complications from his heart condition and his downs that a lot of his reflux [...]
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  • About Grace – reflux journey

    About Grace – reflux journey

    I’m 25, baby S is my first child he’s currently 11 1/2 months old. My partner works very long hours so main responsibility for anything baby related is down to me. I used to be a sales and retention advisor and complaint handler which has given me a lot of patience over the years but [...]
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  • Having a second baby…

    Having a second baby…

    When I had my first baby I read all the books, checked all the websites and signed up for all the monthly ‘Why The Hell Isn’t My Baby Doing This Yet’ newsletters. But most days I still didn’t have a clue.  She didn’t sleep, so I didn’t sleep and my nice, organised life was suddenly [...]
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  • Jane’s Story

    Jane’s Story

    I have been reading the stories on your website and thought ours may be of some reassurance to people struggling through this. G was perfectly healthy and happy until he reached 10 weeks old, when he began to pull off the bottle, arching his back and screaming. Within a couple of weeks, it affected every [...]
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  • Darcy & Alfie’s Story

    Darcy & Alfie’s Story

    Darcy’s story Dear Rachel, thanks for this site. Soooo helpful. I’m at my wits end. Have a 5 week old and was told today she suffers from Infant Reflux. She is on Nutramigen milk, and infant Gaviscon. It helps but now I read on your site how much pain a baby is in I feel [...]
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