Thoughts on eating and drinking whilst breastfeeding

Thoughts on eating and drinking whilst breastfeeding

The other day, whilst doing a bit of browsing on Pinterest, I came across a post that was dictating the food and drinks women should avoid whilst breastfeeding. Some of them made sense, like alcohol and caffeine, because they will stop baby from sleeping or developing, but others just seamed like they had to reasoning at all, so I looked into them to find why they should be avoided. This is what I found:

Medically speaking, there are only a few foods that should be avoided or consumed in very small amounts. These are:

Alcohol – The levels of alcohol in breast milk remain close to those in the mother’s bloodstream. Large amounts of alcohol in breast milk can have a sedative effect on the baby, however it’s more likely to make baby agitated and disrupt sleep patterns. Studies have shown that babies take around 20% less milk if alcohol is present in breast-milk.  The alcohol inhibits a mother’s let-down (the release of milk to the nipple).

Fish – Shark, swordfish or marlin or fish containing traces of mercury can negatively affect baby’s neurological development, this includes some tuna.

It’s also a good idea to steer clear of foods that members of your family or your children are allergic to while breastfeeding. These could be: Eggs, Peanuts, Soy, Wheat.

There are other reasons for avoiding foods that don’t directly link to the babies’ development or sleeping patterns. That’s things such as peppermint and parsley, because they can decrease milk production and caffeine, citrus fruits, spicy peppers, garlic and even broccoli can cause discomfort, gas or intestinal irritation in babies so should be avoided if your babies shows any negative reactions to them.

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