Tina & Max’s Story

Tina & Max’s Story

From two weeks old our son Max started to snuffle and choke would sleep no more than 1/2 hour at a time including night, was husky, always had his fists clenched, cried continuously and felt like he was continually latched on drinking the only difference is he would not bring back his food. During this time I saw three different doctors and several health visitors and told continually that it was a cold and babies cry that’s what they do.

I have a 3 year old and know as a mother there was more to this but as I was not receiving any help I started to think it was something I was doing (”why could I not settle this baby? I know what I’m doing I have done it before this time should be easy”) eventually when Max was 4mths we took him to a paediatrician. Result, it has a name silent reflux he was given Gaviscon and we continued for another 2 mths with little improvement. At six mths max would no longer feed or suck a dummy (that used to soothe him) due to the pain of swallowing, we took him back to the GP and asked for an acid block taking the list from your site which helped a great deal due to the GP not knowing much about reflux. We were given the block and sent back to the hospital for x-rays on his lungs as he now is very wheezy.

Refluxsupport advisors informed me to persist and it is paying off max has become a much happier baby and I am now starting to enjoy him. He still wakes between an hour to three hours at night but the days are so much better, I have also been taking Max to a cranial osteopath which believe has contributed to him being a lot calmer.

My advice to Alfie’s mum, I was also informed to start weaning at four months which was not the right thing for Max, due to it having an affect of over filling the stomach, causing it to come back up. Thank you for your advice and thank you for your web site.

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