Weaning Clinic: Am I giving enough?

Weaning Clinic: Am I giving enough?

Recently, we had an influx of questions about feeding and weaning. We set up a Weaning Clinic Q&A to kick off a discussion for users. Here’s the first question:

Baby has reflux/. He is now almost 5 months. Introduced to rice cereal at 4 months. Now eats twice a day rice cereal and fruit. Also some spoons of either carrot/sweet potato. Still vomits. On Gaviscon twice a day with his bottle feeds. He seems to refuse his afternoon rice feed and lunch time root feed. He cries a lot wanting his milk. Giving him milk twice a day 180 ml, 6 scoops, is it enough for his growing needs? Whats your advise on the weaning process? Thanks a lot.

This is what we suggested:

Thanks for contacting us. Your description of weaning your little one sounds text book. Gaviscon can work well for some and just causes constipation in others, forcing the vomiting issue.

It may be something quite simple as adding a new taste into the afternoon feeds, that helps him to want the food. When you give the feeds, do you feed half milk, switching to spoon feeding, then finish with the rest of the bottle? This is the usual way to get the best of both!

The aim of weaning is to slowly replace the formula with solid foods which provide the same nutrients as the formula. So with this aim in mind, It’s important to keep the milk levels up while you are giving rice and cereals because they don’t have the same nutrient levels. However, once you begin to add new foods, the milk should slowly drop away over the next few months so that it is used as a drink, or snack rather than a main source of nutrients.

The best way to see if you are giving enough is be monitoring your baby’s weight and consumption levels. Babies aren’t naturally over weight, they choose when they are full. Over eating is not really an issue at 5 months, so don’t worry. if you give too much, your baby will refuse it or sick it up. Too little and your baby will complain when the meal is finished.

Perhaps try some finger foods in the afternoon meal to stimulate interest while you are going through this stage. Keep to the same routine so that your baby learns that after this food, comes this milk etc…it will help him to anticipate food as a positive experience.

I hope this is helpful. If you are worried about weight gain, please speak to your health visitor too.


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