44cm Wedgehog® Deluxe Reflux Wedge

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All of our products (including wedges and sleep positioners) comply with all relevant British Standards and European Standards maintained by CEN (European Committee for Standardisation).

The World's Best Selling Reflux Wedge!

This Wedgehog® fits a 44cm wide mattress and Snuzpod v3 device perfectly and when placed under the mattress raises the angle of your baby by 18 degrees.

Made from baby safe foam in the UK, and easy to wipe clean the Wedgehog is a major factor when trying to combat reflux using positional management. The Wedgehog is meets all British and EU Safety Standards. Made and designed by the Wedgehog®, the first company to specialise in infant reflux devices in the United Kingdom.

Get your spare cover!

Cover Details

This wedge does not come with a cover. No cover is required as it is placed underneath the mattress. 

If you require a wedge to go on top of the mattress please have a look at our Quilted option.


Our luxury quilted cover is made from a poly cotton fabric - a blend of polyester and cotton, popularly combined to make clothing, bed sheets and pillow cases.

It is a thin and lightweight fabric, which combines the soft and moisture absorbing properties of cotton with the durable and easy/non-iron properties of polyester.

Breathable and tear-resistant - a good summery cotton fabric that will let the evaporating moisture escape into the air freely.

Safe Foam

Wedgehogs® are manufactured with hypo-allergenic CMHR 30 density foam. All wedges are sent out fresh - having been crafted in the last 12 weeks from baby safe pure foam. The Wedgehog® is proud to be 100% UK designed and made.

Wedgehogs® are non pigmented and free of artificial colouring. Treated foams that contain colourants or preservatives might look pretty but are not fit for use by babies. We use no Memory Foam which is dangerous for babies.

Some baby devices sold in the UK make use of memory foam...which contains dangerous chemicals - the Wedgehog® has no components of memory foam and is as pure as physically possible.

Size of Wedge

Size of Wedge

Width - 44cm

Length - 35cm

Height - 8cm

We always advise our customers to measure the width of the mattress as we manufacture our wedges to fit the mattress and not the device.