Bamboo Wedgehog® Deluxe - 28cm Moses Reflux Wedge - includes Free Bundled Reflux eBook

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The Wedgehog is the world’s best selling reflux wedge. At 28cm it fits a standard moses basket perfectly and when placed on the mattress raises the angle of your baby by 18 degrees.

We have now added a luxury Bamboo removable and washable cover that allows the wedge to be placed on top of the mattress as well as underneath!

Why Bamboo?

It is incredibly soft

Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool - a more soft and luxurious feel.


Bacteria does not live well in this fabric. This means it doesn't get smelly after use.


For allergy prone skin, bamboo fabric is perfect. It's anti-static and sits well next to your skin.

Moisture wicking

Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture away from your skin, keeping your little one drier and more comfortable.


Bamboo fabric is warm, thanks to its hollow microfibre (like wood), yet it's also breathable. Performance in all temperatures.


Bamboo is also very sustainable to grow as it does not require the use of pesticides and grows very quickly in favourable conditions.

Antistatic & deoderising 

Bamboo fabric is more antistatic than other types of fabric and also tends to perform better when it comes to odours it has a natural deodorising property.

We also make a range of sizes to fit a Cot Bed, Standard Cot or Crib.

All of our products (including wedges and sleep positioners) comply with all relevant British Standards and European Standards maintained by CEN (European Committee for Standardisation).