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ISBN: 978-0-557-02870-2
272 pages

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Synopsis: Reflux 101 is a comprehensive guide to caring for an infant or child with Gastroesophageal Reflux guiding parents through a difficult season of parenting. The book is written by a parent, for parents offering information on diet, positioning and medical treatments and practical tips on sleep, feeding, and coping.

"Reflux 101 is a very comprehensive reference for the lay parent written from the experience of a parent that went through it all. The journey resulted in a sophisticated medical education. The ability to communicate the objective information together with the emotional impact of the journey provides a uniquely valuable resource."

John Latimer, MD, Chief, Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Georgetown University Hospital, Washington

  • Guides parents through a difficult time of parenting
  • You will feel better equipped to deal with your child's reflux when you read this book.
  • Describes the emotional aspects of parenting a reflux baby very well.
  • Identify with at least one of the small story-columns in the book.
  • You will feel much better when you know that you are not alone in all this
  • Describes the ups and downs accurately
  • A quick and easy read with real life experiences from people other than the author.