The Wedgehog®

How are we made?

Each and every Wedgehog® is made with care...

...we create each and every Wedgehog® by hand ready for your little one.


All wedges are cut and left to air

The foam blocks are cut to make different size wedges. This means we have a wedge for every sleeping device available.

Importantly, all wedges are then left to air. All foam has a harmless residual smell when manufactured so it is important to let them breathe before wrapping. After a short period 100% of the smell disappears.


Stored and Covered

90% of wedges we sell have no cover. This is because they are placed under the mattress and therefore don't need one. Once cut and aired they are placed into hygiene sensitive packaging and stored on our vast racks.

Covered wedges are placed in our textiled covers. We have many types of cover including quilted, bamboo, Silpure, PVC and cotton.

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Sent with care

Everyday Royal Mail and Parcelforce pick up our orders. Orders made up to 3pm will always be sent out the same day.

We trust Royal Mail and Parcelforce because they only use salaried drivers. We find courier companies who pay their drivers by parcel don't treat their packages as well.

Dispatch & Shipping

We pride ourselves on dispatching every order on time and the same day if ordered before 3pm.

All our parcels are dispatched on a 24 hour delivery service irrespective of size. Each is tracked on destination so all parties know where the parcel is if there is no one there to receive it.

Nearly all parcels arrive on time. On very rare occasions there may be a delay; especially when roads are affected by snow...or at busy times such as Christmas.

Dispatch on Time
Sent on a 24 Hour Delivery Service
Arrives on Time
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Super choice of covers

Our wedges come in a number of cover choices. Wipe clean, anti-bacterial, Silpure, bamboo, quilted etc.

Watch out for new fabrics such as pure organic arriving soon  - due to arrive in Summer 2019.

Any suggestions for new fabrics please let us know!


Safe Foam

Wedgehogs® are manufactured with hypo-allergenic CMHR 30 density foam. All wedges are sent out fresh - having been crafted in the last 12 weeks from baby safe pure foam. The Wedgehog® is proud to be 100% UK designed and made.

Wedgehogs® are non pigmented and free of artificial colouring. Treated foams that contain colourants or preservatives might look pretty but are not fit for use by babies. We use no Memory Foam which is dangerous for babies.



All Wedgehog® foam is 100% biodegradable. Our Polyester Polyurethane Wedgehogs® use bioremediation to break down the foam when in landfill. Endophytic fungi have ability to efficiently degrade Polyester Polyurethane in either aerobic or anaerobic conditions.

Packaging is either fully recyclable or biodegradable. This includes our boxes which are recyclable and mailing bags that are biodegrade.