Child & Toddler Wedgehog® Reflux Wedge

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For toddlers and children over 15 months old.

Introducing our Child Reflux Wedge for children who have outgrown their cot and moving to a bigger bed, but still need use of a wedge, beyond their first year.

The Child Reflux Wedge fits a standard single bed and raises the angle of your child's sleeping area by 20 degrees. This continued elevation is essential for toddlers and young children with acid reflux, congestion or gastric disorders as it helps them to settle easier and cope with their symptoms at bedtime.

We tested this wedge design with children who were coping with primary reflux and reflux as a secondary condition, as well as children with musculature-skeletal conditions, where a slight elevation was found to be helpful. This picture shows 4 year old Bethany using her Child Wedge.




  96% of parents said their child's sleep and reflux symptoms improved over the two week period of testing.

Simply position the Child Reflux Wedge on the child’s bed where the pillow would go, and you’re all set! You can use a pillow on top of the wedge, if your little one prefers.

  • Made from combustion modified high resilience 25 density (CMHR25) hypoallergenic foam and luxury white cotton washable cover.
  • 100% UK made and meets all British and EU Safety Standards.
  • Measurements: 64cm x 62cm x 20cm.
  • Spare covers available - have one on and one in the wash!
  • BS 7177 for flammability and BS 1877-10:2011 for safety and performance.
  • Comes in heat-sealed hygiene controlled bag
  • Made and designed by babyREFLUX, the first company to specialise in baby reflux devices in the United Kingdom.