Nursery Bundle Wedgehogs®

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Create your own customised Nursery Bundle!

Simply select the wedges (from the options above) that you would like to add to your Nursery!

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We created this bundle as we know that lots of little ones also need support when they aren't in their moses basket/crib/cot etc.

This nursery bundle includes three wedges (you choose which ones work for you) that can be used in day-to-day life; ensuring that baby is elevated and supported during work, rest, and play!

Each wedge has a wipe-clean PVC cover and supplied in a HEAT SEALED hygiene sensitive bag.

Please do not leave the baby unsupervised on any wedge.

(Teddy is very good friends with the Wedgehog and unfortunately cannot come home with your wedge.) 

*Wedge/s included only


Having a Changing Mat Wedge in your armoury is particularly important as most babies fill their nappies as soon as feeding occurs and laying your baby flat to change, directly after a feed, will cause a wave of back-flowing of fluids into your babies mouth.

Designed by The Wedgehog® specifically to lift your existing changing mat up and raise your baby’s head and chest to a more comfortable position when changing.

  • Place this Changing Mat Wedge directly under your changing mat at the head end.

  • Supplied with four sticky velcro dots, to fix the Changing mat wedge to the your changing mat.

  • Sized to fit most Changing Mats.

  • Dimensions: 46cm x 50cm, with rise of 12cm.

  • Funky Dots design, easily cleaned, removable PVC cover.

  • Wipe down with a mild solution of warm water & disinfectant or sterilising solution.


The Play Mat Wedge is the perfect way to ensure your little one can play comfortably after a feed. 

It elevates the baby’s head and chest, which reduces the risk of rising stomach fluids and pain associated with reflux. Perfect under a play blanket, baby gym or mobile so your baby can enjoy a pain-free play allowing you to crack on with those chores…or sit and have a cup of tea!  Features a removable anti-bacterial wipe clean cover in Funky Dots design.

Dimensions: 60cm wide x 12cm high.

Available in funky dots design to match the Feeding & Nursing and Changing Mat wedge.


Feeding & Nursing reflux wedge is a great asset to have particularly as most babies can start to feel reflux symptoms as soon as they start feeding. Having your little one lying flat or 'scrunched' while feeding can cause immediate problems.

Designed by the Lead Neonatal Nurse at Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - this Wedgehog® is made specifically to raise your baby’s head and chest to the perfect position when feeding. With a removable anti-bacterial wipe clean cover for your convinience.

The wedge is placed on your lap and is perfectly sized for breast and bottle feeding. Unlike cushions, the wedge maintains the correct angle and stops the stomach from squeezing and reducing in size. Also maintains the perfect flow down to the relaxed stomach as the baby is lying flat.

It also allows for you to bottle feed while facing your little one - allowing them time to absorb the food without immediately moving them.

Dimensions: 45 cm wide x 35 cm length x 12 cm high

Wedge sizes

Changing Mat: 46cm x 50cm x with rise of 12cm

Play Mat: 60cm wide x with rise of 12cm

Feeding & Nursing: 45 cm wide x 35 cm length x with rise of 12cm