Quilted Wedgehog® Deluxe - 38cm Crib Reflux Wedge - includes Free Bundled Reflux eBook

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The Wedgehog is the world’s best selling reflux wedge. At 38cm it fits a crib or pram perfectly and when placed on the mattress raises the angle of your baby by 18 degrees.

We have now added a Luxury Quilted removable, washable cover that allows the wedge to be placed on top of the mattress as well as underneath!

It is the must have item for babies with acid reflux or congestion; helping them to breathe easier and cope with rising reflux and sickness.

Upright Positioning for your baby can also reduce wind, colic and alleviate congestion as well as the treatment of ear infections, common colds, respiratory conditions and sleep apnea. Simply position the Wedgehog about half way down the cot on top of the mattress, so that your baby’s feet are at the foot of the crib/pram. Alternatively, place the wedgehog underneath the mattress (no cover needed).

We also make a range of sizes to fit a Moses basket, cot bed or cot.

All of our products (including wedges and sleep positioners) comply with all relevant British Standards and European Standards maintained by CEN (European Committee for Standardisation).

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