Snuzpod v4 (new version) Compatible Wedgehog® Reflux Wedge - includes Free Bundled Reflux eBook

SKU WH156382

This Snuzpod Wedgehog® comes with a choice of sizes and styles depending on which type of Snuzpod you have. This listing is for the new Snuzpod v4.

When you buy any Wedgehog product you get free lifetime support and advice for all reflux related issues. We have a highly-experienced and dedicated team to assist you. Reassurance and help with sleeping, positioning, feeding, weaning, medication and much more…

At 40cm, these Wedgehogs® fit the brand new Snuzpods v4 perfectly and when placed under the mattress raises the angle of your baby by 18 degrees.

For the previous model Snuzpods search for 'Snuzpod' and choose which model you have.

Made from baby safe foam in the UK, and easy to wipe clean the Wedgehog is a major factor when trying to combat reflux using positional management. The Wedgehog® is meets all British and EU Safety Standards. Made and designed by babyREFLUX, the first company to specialise in baby reflux devices in the United Kingdom.

This Wedgehog® is designed to go underneath the mattress. Require your wedge to go on top of there mattress? Search for 'Wedgehog Cover' for our covers and wedge bundles that will allow you to put the wedge on top of the mattress as well as underneath.

Do you know your foam? Be careful of imported baby wedges sold on Amazon. Many have not been tested for chemicals and will fail the BS 7177 flammability test. Wedgehogs® are made from baby safe UK foam and are fully tested to keep your little one safe.

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