Wonky but Wonderful™ Chicco Next 2 Me Wedgehog® Reflux Wedge

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Each of our Wonky but Wonderful™ wedges arrived in store looking a little sad and dejected, as they didn’t look like the rest of the gang. Although they were just as safe and perfect for use – they just didn't look perfect. 

Each wedge may look slightly different; a slight discolouration, a tiny air bubble present when manufactured, a slightly bumpy texture on the edge – but 100% functionally perfect, clean, safe and unused.

 **Wedges may vary in appearance from the photographs provided.

The World's Best Selling Reflux Wedge!

The Chicco Next 2 Me Wedgehog® Reflux Wedge is perfect for the Chicco Next 2 Me mattress.

So...why get a Wedgehog™?

We feel your pain. The Wedgehog™ was designed 10 years ago to help our little girl with her reflux. Since then hundreds of thousands of your friends and family have used the Wedgehog to help their little ones sleep better.

When you buy any Wedgehog product you get free lifetime support and advice for all reflux related issues. We have a highly-experienced and dedicated team to assist you. Reassurance and help with sleeping, positioning, feeding, weaning, medication and much more…

At 52cm it fits a Chicco Next 2 Me cot perfectly and when placed under the mattress it raises the angle of your baby by 18 degrees.

We made the Wedgehog™ safe. The wedge is 'know your foam' certified which means it was made less than 12 weeks ago from baby safe pure foam. See below...
No other wedge will give you access to advisors for all your reflux questions. With your wedge you will receive membership to the Wedgehog™ Club giving you free support, reflux eBook and access to online reflux events.
We get your Wedgehog™ to you fast. We know seconds count so the Wedgehog™ is dispatched the same day* with next-day delivery available.
We know our stuff! It is not luck that the Wedgehog™ is the best selling reflux wedge in the world. Other wedges are sold by baby shops - the Wedgehog™ is sold by reflux experts.

Know Your Foam

Wedgehogs™ are manufactured with hypo-allergenic CMHR 30 density foam and they also comply with the rigorous requirements of BS 1877 Part 10 for safety and performance and BS 7177 for flammability. Hooray!

To be 'Know Your Foam' certified the Wedgehog™ has the following qualities. 

Fresh - Our foam is never more than 12 weeks old. Many baby products use foam that is 1-2 years old manufactured by the container load in the Far East.

Pure - Wedgehogs™ DO NOT contain Arsenic and antimony which are used as preservatives in many flame retardants. This is especially so in foam brought in from eastern Europe and the Far East where regulations are not as strict as the UK. Wedgehogs™ are made 100% in the UK.
No Memory Foam - 'memory Foam' or foams that 'shape' themselves around a babies head should not be used in a cot or crib. Wedgehogs™ are pressure resistant which is safe :o)
Simple - Wedgehogs™ are unpigmented and free of colouring. Treated foams that contain colourants or preservatives might look pretty but are not fit for use by babies.